I'm JJ, and like videogames and other nerdy stuff. I'm trying to get into the video game industry.



Horns - Official Trailer (2014) Comic-Con, Daniel Radcliffe


October cannot come fast enough! 

The book was really good, can’t wait to see this.


Client: This is a rush project.

Me: What would be your deadline?

Client: Yesterday.

Me: If you supply the Delorean, I’m game.

I don’t want the name to be in italics, I hate italics; I just want it to be slanted. Like that.

a client who then pointed to italicized text

(via clientsfromhell)




"why should i play Magic?"


Is this a reason or an action taken in response to the question?


I feel like an asshole for not liking the animes my roommate has been showing me. They just have been really mediocre.

Wow, the anime of Tokyo Ghoul is just skipping most of the details.


i just finished watching berserk

fuck you griffith

i cant believe people actually compare attack on titan to berserk because holy fucking shit that show goes beyond fucking killing off characters

That was basically just the prologue. The best is yet to come.

I had a close encounter with a chicken sandwich, I almost didn’t make it.

But seriously though, I almost choked to death on a chicken sandwich…