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Super Best Friendcast Episode 36

Pat: I flunked the fuck out of macro-economics

Liam: That's why your a psychiatrist

Pat: I'm not a psychiatrist

Liam: Tell me how that makes you feel.


oh yeah i bought a wii u today

As a fellow Wii U owner, why did you do that?

Anonymous asked
There's a pizza chain here in Orlando called Giordano's that only has locations here and in Chicago, and it's far and away the best pizza I've ever eaten. If you know of the chain, is it comparable to actual Chicago pizza, or do I need to seriously reconsider my life?


No, my son. That is one of the golden chapels here in Chicago.

I’ve only eaten there once but it was a life changing event.

And now I’m starving.

And my mind is a dark and weird place.

Jeff Gerstmann

The Giant Bomb PAX Taipei 2016 Panel Preview Show

Pax Audience Member: A dating game where you date soda cans.

Jeff Gerstmann: *silently hides behind the podium*

Monomyth - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


The Monomyth, also know as The Hero’s Journey includes a section in which David Adams Leeming in his book, Mythology: The Voyage of the Hero mentions:

  1. Miraculous conception and birth
  2. Initiation of the hero-child
  3. Withdrawal from family or community for meditation and preparation
  4. Trial and Quest
  5. Death
  6. Descent into the underworld
  7. Resurrection and rebirth
  8. Ascension, apotheosis, and atonement

Elspeth has slain a hydra, has been shunned from the community, and knows her goal. It has been speculated that Elspeth will die at some point and could encounter Athreos, and Erebos says that true heros will never die.

What do you make of this?

If I had to guess, Elspeth travels to the underworld to retrieve something (Godsend/knowledge). I doing so she meets Athreos who, if I remembering correctly, gives the gold masks to the dead. When she finally is attempting to escape the underworld, she uses her power to escape from Erebos, like Phenax used his power of deception to elude Erebos.

Just a theory…